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Emseypenguin 11-04-2016 08:57 PM

Health and Apologies
Hey guys I just wanted to give you a little update as my current situation has a knock on effect on my searching for LAN venues etc.

Basically in Feb I was taken to hospital because of issues with my heart. I have since been diagnosed with a incomplete right bundle branch block which affects me intermittently. I'm currently on waiting lists for lots of different heart-related things but ultimately it looks like the likely outcome is a pacemaker.

When I have "episodes" they cause me considerable pain and the longest one I've had lasted for about nine hours which as you can imagine leaves me exhausted. It's also playing havoc with my left arm and hand, giving me tingling, numbness and pain.

I've also had to drop out of my uni course and have stepped down from any auditions for the next show to avoid any undue stress which worsens my condition.

SO - basically I just wanted to say a massive sorry to you all for not being able to focus on my LAN hunt but that it is (after my health) my top priority. I've just had a couple of messages and figured it was best to let you all know the situation so you're not all wondering wtf is going on!

Ultimately I am being looked after and getting myself sorted, so should be back on it soon ;)

dominoid 13-04-2016 08:22 AM

Re: Health and Apologies
I suppose the bigger the heart, the more of it there is to go wrong?

Hope you start to feel better soon.

Emseypenguin 13-04-2016 12:29 PM

Re: Health and Apologies
With that logic my dick should be having all of the problems. (thanks :p)

Ex0dUs 13-04-2016 10:39 PM

Re: Health and Apologies
I hope things improve for you and you get all the right help Emsey, health is certainly always top priority and you know youve got everyones love and support here for sure! <3

Platinum 14-04-2016 07:00 AM

Re: Health and Apologies
:( hope you get sorted out quickly! big hugs from the wheeled one :)

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