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Ex0dUs 13-12-2011 06:03 PM

SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!

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Early Access for pre-orders of Star Wars: The Old Republic launched today for UK customers.
Bioware are allowing pre-orders access granted in waves, with the first set sent out today. This is a strategy to help balance server loads, populations, and not overcrowd starting areas come the games official release later this month.

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Dead Alive 13-12-2011 06:24 PM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
One more wave of emails due today. I want in, but I didn't pre-order 'til last month so chances are if I get early access at all it won't be 'til the weekend or something. :(

Vulpine 14-12-2011 03:59 PM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
Seems some controversy in the news already:

Dead Alive 14-12-2011 04:02 PM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
They apologised, not much more they can do. Honestly, if people are going to be up-in-arms over a day or two without playing, after previously playing for free without buying the game, I'd say they need to rethink their priorities.

As for Australia that's another matter. All that could be suggested is buy digital instead of retail.

Ex0dUs 14-12-2011 05:31 PM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
The apology is a load of crap, there's plenty more they can do, they can do what every other MMORPG does at launch, and allow a 24-48 grace period to enter your retail key.

It costs them nothing, they already have your money, you dont have an early access code if you haven't purchased the game, its game time you've already payed for, and to launch a game at Christmas time, when postal service delays are common, it should have been taken into account by EA.

Its poor management by EA yet again when it comes to MMO titles, Bioware had it right to offer a grace period, EA snapping it back is appalling, and I hope not a sign of how they are going to manage things with SWTOR for the future.

Dead Alive 14-12-2011 05:39 PM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
I've paid a fiver, I don't yet own the game and I've got early access.

As for grace period, not been part of any MMO launches other than DC:UO, but a game's a game, MMO or not, if there's a grace period I'd look at it as a bonus, not a necessity. The release date is crappy for deliveries with Christmas and all, but better waiting a few extra days while your game gets delivered so you can enter your code than waiting months for a delayed release, which I'd imagine would inspire more nerd-rage than is currently happening on their forums.

As for early access itself, which is the main *****ing point on their forums, they're the people that need to get a grip. There's literally hundreds of pages of people complaining they're not in yet. This is a week before launch. They promised 'up to' 5 days early access, if people are too thick to work out that could mean anything from 5 days to 1 day, then that's their problem to be honest. As it is, they've added another two days extra to that period which they didn't have to do, meaning people who got in yesterday are getting a full weeks play for absolutely free before the game is officially released.

TL;DR - I've been waiting years for this. If I have to wait an extra few days after release to play it because I can't enter my code the day of release, I'll live.

Ex0dUs 15-12-2011 01:02 AM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
The problem with how they've handled early access, is that they have destroyed something hardcore mmo players strive for at every release, world firsts.

There is no even starting point, so there is no level playing field, meaning world firsts are pretty much null and pointless. Anyone that didn't get in that first wave, is now behind the pace, and at a disadvantage if they plan to play SWTOR at a hardcore level. Its not important to everyone, but to a lot of mmo players its a big deal.

Can the players make it up, sure probably, world firsts are lost and the levelling curve will balance in time, but its not a good way to handle an mmo launch and will leave a bad taste with the hardcore crowd, they should have seen this coming a mile off, everyone else certainly did in the major mmo communities.

They deserve all the rage on the forums they have right now, they created it with poor planning and decision making, hopefully they learn from it.

Dead Alive 15-12-2011 01:14 AM

Re: SWTOR Early Access Goes Live!
Honestly, the complaints are going over my head and I'm laughing at them, because - and I know this sounds selfish - I'm not into that sort of thing. World firsts mean jack to me, someone tells me they were the first to 'complete' the game or anything I'd give a half hearted "grats" then get on with things. This MMO in particular I'd say that applies even more considering its story driven nature.

Early Access though has been handled exactly as it was intended to. If people were pissed at the way it was handled, again this may sound selfish and I don't mean it to sound like a dig, especially if you're one of the hardcore crowd you talk about, but it's their own fault. Everyone knew the early access would be staggered and some would get in before others, everyone knew they MIGHT get five days head start, some might get one day head start. To me, the point is I'm getting in before the game is released, and for that I'm grateful. I really couldn't give a monkeys if someone is level 50 by the time I get in tomorrow or Friday or whenever, I'll run right by them and continue with my story.

Basically boils down to what you're in it for, I suppose. And like I said, as far as EA goes, people should have known what they were getting themselves in for when they signed up, and if they didn't like the sound of the EA plan, either give the game a miss and wait for GW2, or suck it up and charge the end-game. Although I will say this, if you charge the content in this game, you're missing the whole point.

The people on the forums though, genuine complaints or not are acting like a bunch of self-entitled arseholes. Basically sounding like "I'm mad because you haven't let me in, and I think you should let me in because I want in," or "You promised me 5 days access and I'm not in" never actually stopping to think that 5 days doesn't begin until tomorrow, and they were never promised 5, they were promised UP TO five days. I saw someone post this and I'll repeat it here, just because it fits perfectly with the dross the forum is spewing:

"If you're complaining that you can't but want to play, Bioware is doing something right. If you're complaining while you're playing, Bioware is doing something wrong."

n.b. I know with how fast I replied it might seem I'm stalking this thread in particular, but for some reason I get email alerts for this one thread. :/

EDIT: Wall of text crits you

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