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Rasher 26-05-2011 06:03 PM

Skype Not Running - Solution to the problem
There has been a bit of a wide spread of problems with Skype today.
There was a problem earlier today, skype released a fix, but that's broke more peoples version of skype than anything else

If your skype is just crashing or showing the log in screen and not getting anywhere, here is the fix

(this is fix is for XP, Vista & Windows 7)
  • Shut Skype down (use task manager if you need to)
  • Click Start and type in this command (in your run window or search window for windows 7 users)
  • "%appdata%\skype"
  • Hit enter
  • look for a file called shared.xml
  • Delete it
  • Restart Skype
That should fix the problem
If it hasn't or you didn't understand all the above instructions, please just post/ask us and someone will help you.

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