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Rasher 30-01-2018 07:52 PM

Theme night feedback update
Hi everyone, we had such an overload of information on the night we all met up, so it's taken a while to put it together.

So, in short, we came up with the following feedback.

Breaking the games into categories (genres)

  • Co-op
  • Multiplayer Competitive
  • Free to play
  • Driving
  • Survival and crafting
  • Strategy game
  • Party play

Then the idea is going to be Friday nights will be Co-op or Party play games
Saturday Survival and crafting
Then we pick one day during the week and rotate the others
Let us say Tuesday will be Multiplayer competitive next week
(all this is open to discussion and changes with more input over the coming months)

So we will work out what to play each night by categories/genres

Here is a break down of games requested to look in to
I will list them by category/genre

Killing Floor 2
Payday 2
TF2 - Man Vs Machine
Left for Dead 2
Just Cause 2 Multiplayer
Guns of Icarus
ASTRONEER (4 players)
Zombie Army Trilogy
Spintires: MudRunner
Alien Swarm

Survival and crafting
7 Days

Party play
Golf With Your Friends
Gang Beasts
Genital Jousting
The Jackbox Party Pack
Tabletop Simulator
Altitude (Free to play)

Multiplayer Competitive
TF2 - 10/16 player
Natural Selection 2
Angels Fall First
Rocket league
Angels Fall First

Free to play
World of Tanks
World of Warships
Guild Wars 2
Secret World Legends

Forza Horizon 3
Forza Motorsport 7
Burnout Paradise

We can add/remove games to this list as we go on.
Party play games would probably be good to play on a Friday night after regular games maybe?

We will be posting up when a game is on offer (so everyone can play)
we also already have spare games for some of these for people that want to join, we will post up each week what we are going to play and what games we have spare.

AJCrowley 09-02-2018 10:35 AM

Re: Theme night feedback update
wtf, no GRID?

MarleyJames 16-09-2019 01:37 PM

Re: Theme night feedback update
GTA 5 is a great game

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