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New World Jewelcrafting Guide

Posted 11-10-2021 at 07:42 AM by Snyder

In life, a fine jewel adds an extra touch to an outfit. In New World, jewelry is not just a fashion accessory, it can bring you additional upgrades and benefits that give you an advantage in combat (so does new world coins).

On the stone cutting table, players can create faceted gemstones to fit any piece of gear with an empty gem pocket. The gemstones you cut and where you place them determine what effect or bonus is applied. However, you can only use many pieces of gear that you can use at once, which means that you will eventually maximize the available open gem plugs.

So you can bring your cut gems to the outfitting station and turn them into pieces of jewelry such as charms, rings, and earrings. Over time, the jewelry that you can make will become more powerful and valuable, as long as you keep a record of all the necessary materials.

For those looking to dominate the Aeternum jewelry industry, here is a helpful guide to jewelry in the New World.

Resources / other business skills to focus on
Your main gathering skill to focus on will definitely be mining. This is where you will find the rare uncut gemstones that you will need to refine on the stone cutting table, turning them into gemstones cut to fit into jewelry. You will also need silver to make the bars, chains, settings, and bands that you will need for the final product.

Keeping up-to-date on collecting is important solely so that you can collect specks of magical plants, which you will need to cut gemstones. You can also get Motes from Alchemy Stones. However, magical plants will be your easiest source of Motes. Not only are they more plentiful, they can also be collected at gathering level 30 and can be tracked at level 45.

That I have to do?
Your first pieces of jewelry will depend on the gemstones you find and cut first. At jewelry level zero, you can create faulty charms using a faulty cut gemstone and 10 silver bars that are worth other crafting materials. Each of these flawed charms will grant you around 192 jewelry skill points.

Once you reach jewelry level 50, you can start creating intact charms, as well as rings. These require the same amount of silver, but a higher level gemstone quality. You can also start using gold instead of silver to give your finished product a better quality.

Other tips and tricks
Use the myriad of resource tracking maps to find great sources of iron and silver, rather than wasting time randomly wandering the highlands looking for it.

Your top priority when mining will be collecting the gems, so anything you can do to increase that drop rate is a must. This includes cooking and eating foods that increase your luck when mining, or acquiring pieces of equipment (specifically your pickaxe) that increase the gem drop rate. Anything with the advantage of luck in mining will work, and the trading post can help you find armor that increases your chances of finding rare items if you are looking to prepare quickly.
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