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Best weapons and helms in D2: Resurrected

Posted 03-12-2021 at 06:52 AM by Jannick

Mercenaries are your loyal companions in the fight against evil in Diablo 2: Resurrected
. They can help reduce damage and can often attract hatred from monsters. In Diablo 2, the Chapter 2 mercenaries are most popular because they activate one of the paladin's auras.

However, without proper training, mercenaries can be a waste of money as they cannot defend themselves against monsters even if you use Shift + Number keys to give them one dose at a time. The higher the level, the higher the cost of resurrected. To keep your money safe, you need to invest in the right items for your mercenaries and find the best gear for them. Here are some items that are perfect for your Act 2 mercenaries.

There are four types of weapons commonly used by mercenaries in Act 2. The runeword items "Insight", "Infinity", "Pride" and the unique item "Assault of the Reaper". Of these, infinity and pride require expensive runes, so it is not easy to use them early on. Since mercenaries use items that do not lose their durability, they prefer ethereal items.

Insight can be gained by sticking Ral + Tir + Tal + Sol into a long staff or pentacle. The ingredients for this recipe are readily available so you can make it very early on. The meditation aura is very helpful for characters who consume a lot of mana. The level requirement is quite low. So if you find a long-handled, four-hole weapon, make one for your mercenary until a better item shows up.

Infinite gives an aura of conviction that lowers the opponent's elemental resistance and defense. In particular, it lowers the opponent's lightning resistance, which is why chain lightning warriors often impose it on their mercenaries. Infinity requires a fairly high rune as you need Ber + Mal + Ber + Is. So if you are making it, you should make it with the best equipment available. Players like the big halberds and giant threshers best because they can attack quickly.

Pride is a rune word that works well for mercenaries with physical damage characters. It activates an aura of focus at levels 16-20, which greatly increases damage. However, unlike Insight or Infinity, it doesn't have an increased damage option and feels like it's missing something. The rune required for pride is Cham + Sur + Io + Lo.

Among the unique D2R items, Reaper costs a lot of money. It causes decomposition when attacking enemies, reducing their defense. It has the options "Increased Damage", "Ignore Target Defense" and "Fatal Blow", so the mercenary's damage is quite high. Perfect for use as a physical damage character.

The most important option for the mercenary at the helm is to steal life. Having enough life energy to keep the mercenary alive is very important, but this attribute is hard to come by with common weapons or body armor, so we wanted to put it on the helmet. It would be nice if you could find one with values ​​and resistances. Since there aren't many rune helmets out there, and none that steal life, unique items are best. Again, essential items are better because it doesn't reduce their durability.

The most popular helmet among mercenaries is the Andariel's Face. He has great defensive properties, 20% attack speed, 10% steal life, 25-30 strength and +2 to all skills. Unfortunately, it reduces fire resistance by 30%, so a space has been created to insert the Ral rune, which covers up this flaw.

In addition, vampire eyes and thieves' crowns were also used. The Herald of Tarrascha set is also a good choice. Vampire's Gaze "offers 6-8% life siphon and damage reduction options, while" Crown of Thieves "offers 9-12% life siphon, +25 agility and + 33% fire resistance. The Herald of Taraxia has 10% life siphon, +60 life and + 15 Total Resistance. If you don't have these items, the Undead Crown or Stealskull are good choices.
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