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My Round up of 2014 Gaming on PS4

Posted 19-12-2014 at 03:19 PM by dpmarker17

The end of 2013 left next-gen gaming in a state of shock, with Sony and Microsoft trying to sell very similar consoles for the same price as each other. Other “features” included the DRM licensing issue and the possible demise of the Pre-Owned gaming market.
Luckily, a U-turn on these decisions has allowed games for the PS4 and Xbox One to emerge throughout 2014.
Myself, taking a tactical decision, moved from my home ground of Microsoft products from birth, with Windows Gaming LAptops and Xbox360’s, up to the Sony Playstation 4 - a decision i am not regretting thus far.
Here are my top 3 games for the PS4 from my gaming this year:

All he saw was a clip of a video, but it was enough for a hit on him to be called for. After a successful hack into a hotel’s security and a large acquirement of funds, Aiden Pearce is then attending his niece’s funeral, after the hit on him missed and took her life instead.
Watch Dogs then takes cyber hacking to the next step, breaking into the government controlled systems and finding out who made the call which unfolds the opening 30 minutes of gameplay.

By controlling the world around him, through a very good mobile phone (it can't be an iPhone then) you complete assassinations, investigations and trap-setting to find out the man who called the shot. Find out what really happens behind the doors of Chicago's businesses, protect your family, friends, but most of all, find the all important truth, through any means. A sophisticated combination of sabotage, corruption and family.

A repetitive yet addictive storyline with additional side missions to explore the bigger picture, WatchDogs is a must of 2014.


Halo was a game i thoroughly enjoyed - and I still have some of the series to play on my X360, but thats another story.. Destiny jumps straight into a very similar environment, a ghost (like Halo’s Index) following you around, big aliens shouting and jumping at you, oh and waypoints to follow.

What takes it to the next level - is the level progression system added on top, whether it be equipment, skills or special events with instant co-op, this is where following your Destiny becomes real. Choose to be a Titan, Warlock or Hunter, who each specialise in their own areas. Add to this weapons ranging from rocket launchers to sniper rifles, machine guns to plasma repeaters and the common punch by the fist. Additionally you can choose how you look causing inter-planetary chaos, in robes, dresses or armour suits, dependent on the occasion.

A well expanded game with a relatively short story but additions to let you explore the huge maps until you're content.


COD: Advanced Warfare
Another year, another Call of Duty, but this time from SledgeHammer Games. I would like to say I was optimistic - being a fan of the more modern, ‘gadgetry’ COD’s and this certainly didn't disappoint. Set not so far in the future, in the year 2054, a Private Military Company, namely Atlas is trying to prove why its better than the Government. You start alongside the son of the Atlas Corporation, who doesn't agree with his father to say the least.
A relatively short campaign as expected, but still a good enough game time to get involved with the story and feel angry enough when you realise the twist in the plot (no spoilers).

Like a true call of Duty hero, my difficulty was set to Veteran from the off - until I had to start playing Intel Finder, when recruit was more appropriate to save a PS4 controllers life, all thanks to that “fu*’#£ng” sniper in the corner .
A good variety of situations, allowing a good use of equipment, giving me the “pling” every so often when another trophy was unlocked - result!

Multiplayer reminded me a lot of Halo, with space jumping and spam shooting being the norm, however some more objective game modes bought out the veterans from the people who we supposed put the Halo disc in the PS4.
Now thats done - time to wait for the next one!
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